Lamborghini Huracan STO Llumar films Valor paint protection film, and 15% ceramic window tint

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Paint Protection Film

Protect your car from stone chips, bugs, scratches, and regular wear-and-tear with our 12-Year warranty Paint Protection Film

Mercedes G63 AMG tinted windshield

Window Tint

Protection from the sun’s powerful rays with our 4 different levels of film. Make your vehicle look sharp wherever you’re going.

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Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl graphics are created as a thin film with protective qualities for the paint of the car. It can be highly customized.

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Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating

Protect your vehicle with our advanced ceramic coating. It offers a long-lasting, high-gloss finish that repels dirt, water, and UV rays, making maintenance a breeze.

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Wheels and Tires

We carry the best wheel & tire brands for your car, truck, or SUV! long lasting perormacne and durability. Wide Selection of aftermarket wheels and tires from top brands. Customize your vehicle’s look and feel. Drive in, Roll Out in Style!

Residential and Commercial Window Tint

From enhancing privacy and security to reducing glare and energy costs. Ourt tinting options provide unmatched benefits for any space. Giving you privacy, Energy Efficiency, and Personal Styling!

BMW M4 full window tint

Window Tinting

Ensure That Your Vehicle Stays Cooler

We provide vinyl graphic wraps, auto window tinting, and car paint protection to the Denver area using superior materials and honed craftsmanship. Our work is as seamless and extraordinary as your bond with your vehicle.

Tesla Window Tinting

Tesla Trusted Shop

Solar heat coming through your windows runs your A/C and drains your battery faster, reducing range on each charge. Window tinting blocks up to 98% of solar heat so you can drive further and enjoy a more comfortable cabin with less glare in hot summer months.

Tesla Model 3 matte black vinyl wrap and ceramic coating
Audi RS3 Sunset Chameleon windshield tint

Quality Materials

Huge variety of tint

At Mile High Customs, we have a huge variety of tint to select from. Our professional technicians install the tint professionally and d properly, ensuring that you are attended to with the least time possible.

Discover the Perfect Look with LLumar’s Window Film and PPF Simulator

Visualize and Choose Your Ideal Vehicle Protection

Experience the impact of Window Tint and Paint Protection Films before you make a decision. Our interactive simulator allows you to select a vehicle type, explore various coverage options, and decide on finishes. See for yourself how our films can transform the appearance and protection of your vehicle.

Rivian R1S paint protection film and window tint
tinting windows on a sedan

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Quality Materials

Affordable Prices

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Heat Rejection up to 75%

Glare Reduction up to 94%

UV Protection up to 99%

Use less A/C, Save Fuel

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