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Tesla Model 3 tinted windows

Tesla Model 3 Window Tint Denver

Tesla Model 3 window tint, Llumar ceramic window film installed on all windows. Protect your Tesla Model 3 from the heat with a professional tinting job from Mile High Customs. Tinting your Tesla windows protects the interior from UV rays and heat and makes it easier to control the interior temperature. Tesla window tint and […]

Tesla Model 3 Gloss Liquid Llumar window tint front side view

Tesla Model 3 Window Tint

Tesla Model 3 window tint. Full 3M Gloss Liquid Copper, Rocker Panels protected in Llumar Films PPF, Gtechniq Halo Ceramic Coating. This car was white before, what a transformation! The only Tesla Model 3 in Colorado that we know of in this color to make it stand out.

Tesla Model 3 ceramic window tinting front view

Tesla Model 3 Window Tinting

Tesla Model 3 window tinting. Satin Pearl White vinyl wrap, gloss black chrome delete, smoked out headlight & taillights, ceramic coating, and more! Protect your ride today! View more pictures: @milehighcustomsco. Getting your Tesla windows tinted with a high-quality window tint film is one of the best things you can do to protect your vehicle.